Peak Properties, LLC is a professional real estate company that specializes in buying and selling houses for cash! We purchase these houses from Pre-Forclosures, Bank Owned (REO’s) Estate Sales, Trusts and Distressed Situations along with just Ugly Houses that are difficult to sell and nobody wants to keep. We are CASH buyers and close within 10 days. We have been in the real estate and construction industry for over twenty-five years and have a successful record in new and renovated residential projects as well as commercial projects.

Our projects have included:   Purchasing and Renovating 1 to 4 Family House, Co-Op Apartments, Condos, Building New Homes and Modular Construction, Renovating Older Homes, Building Retail Locations, and Renovating Commercial Space for Fortune 500 Companies.

We presently and primarily now buy, renovate and sell residential and commercial properties. We purchase these properties with funds from different sources including our own funds, along with funds from our selected accredited private investors. We can close a deal in 10 days or less after clear title is obtained. We have a large capital reserve and are constantly seeking qualified properties to analyze and purchase.

We offer two exciting programs for beginning investors as well as seasoned investors (see below):

  • Turn Key Investing – for the busy investor with available investment capital.
  • Renovate New Jersey – for the investor who only wants to locate properties to wholesale.
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Turn Key Investment Strategies
Our turn-key approach allows anyone with a modest amount of capital to enjoy the benefits of investing in the short term real estate market. Because we take care of as much or as little of the details, our investors can continue to be involved as much or as little as they desire which allows them to continue with their daily routine, job, business or vacation.
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Wholesalers, Referrals and Investors
Renovate New Jersey
The Renovate New Jersey Affiliate Program systematically trains you to become a highly profitable wholesaler or referral affiliate by effectively locating distressed and discounted properties in New Jersey (or anywhere in the US!). After being properly trained you will possess all the necessary skills to make big profits from each and every approved deal you locate and wholesale to a cash buying investor.

Submit your wholesale deals like a professional with our “point and click” forms. It calculates everything you need to submit your deals like a pro! And the best part is it doesn’t matter what state you are doing business.

Our “point and click” forms are easy to use and gives your cash buying investor a professional and complete summary of the potential deal you are submitting. There is nothing on the planet like this program!

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In The News
Glen Gallucci
Want to Invest? Join the Club!
Glen Gallucci


Glen Gallucci, above, shows a “before” photo of one of his investment properties in Jersey City to members of the GSRE Investors Association, which was touring properties.
Even if they are going in forclosure and don’t have enough equity for you to list the house and make a commission, don’t lose the deal. Call us!
Usually we can negotiate a purchase with the owners and/or with the bank and still pay you a referral fee for your efforts.
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Here are some ideas that should help you get started in the right direction. You can do deals with no money down, bad or no credit, no income, no nothing, except having some general knowledge backed with a desire to succeed. I can give you this knowledge But you will be the one that has to actually go out and take action.
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As we all now know, one of the best methods of buying or flipping pre-foreclosure properties is by performing a short sale on that property. A short sale is a method of buying a property where the lender will take less than what is owed on a loan which is currently in default.

But make no mistake, the tasks required to get a short sale approved can be the most frustrating duties we as investors must handle. So we can either avoid doing short sales completely, or find out an easier way to complete the short sale. First let’s understand what a “short sale” is and some of the factors of the short sale process:

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A Seasoned Investors  A Seasoned Investors Guide™
Buy It. Fix It. Flip It.  Buy It. Fix It. Flip It.
Flip It For CASH  Flip It For CASH
Peak Homes and Realty  Peak Homes and Realty
Peak Turn Key Investing  Peak Turn Key Investing
Private Lending for Profit  Private Lending for Profit
Renovate New Jersey  Renovate New Jersey
Stop Foreclosure NJ  Stop Foreclosure NJ
Wholesale Real Estate  Submit Wholesale Deal
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