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Established in November 2011, with an average attendance of 80 to 125 members (depending on what type of event) NJREIGROUP has become the premier real estate & business networking community of the greater New Jersey Area! Simply said, our mission is to provide you with the education, training, motivation, and networking opportunities that will further your ability to achieve financial freedom. Whether you are a seasoned investor or a beginner, NJREIGROUP is your partner in attaining your financial goals.
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This E-Guide covers all aspects including: reo and short sales
reo information download   What Exactly is an REO? buying reo foreclosure learn how   8 REO Tips for Buying REO Foreclosures reo listing agents learn how   REO Listing Agents buying short sales learn how   Home Inspection Checklist bank owned homes learn how   Real Estate Jargon you Should Know bargain investment properties learn how   12 Ways to Find Bargain Properties and much more
rehab flipping properties books
This well informative material covers all aspects of Buying and Selling Foreclosures, including: how to buy foreclosures
real estate investor learn how   The Foreclosure Dilemma, Becoming A Real Estate Investor finding foreclosure learn how   Finding Foreclosure Property, Legal Considerations financing foreclosure learn how   Finding Ways To Pay For Properties foreclosure home seller   Dealing With Sellers in Foreclosure, Closing the Sale how to buy properties from banks   Buying REOs from the Lender, and much, much more
wholesaling and retailing homes guides tools
Peter Fogel, founder of “Mentoring with the Masters”, has an indepth interview with Glen Gallucci on “How to Properly Analyze Rehab Properties”. In one hour, Glen covers just about everything you need to know before investing in any potential property. Glen reveals expert information on: rehab properties information learn how
finding rehab properties   How to pick the right neighborhoods, Houses vs. Condominiums financing rehab properties   Odd floor plans, How to Establish the Values of Houses
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A Fun, Informative and Entertaining Overview of the Many Subjects Involved in Flipping Properties! The Buy and Hold Strategy vs. Fix and Flip. Your Plan of Action Including: quick turn real estate
buying fixing selling houses   Buying, Fixing, and Selling the House flipping properties   Examples of Deals including: Inspections, Estimates of Repairs fixer uppers learn how   Contracts, Contractors, Real Estate Agents handyman specials learn how   Lawyers, Home Inspections, and much, much more
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How to Buy, Fix and Flip Houses for Huge Profits! Workshop Jam Packed with Information On 4 CD’s! LISTEN IN ON ONE OF GLEN’S RARE LIVE WORKSHOPS! Package includes: retailing houses learn how
how to buy fix flip a house   How to buy, fix up, and sell a house for maximum profit! private investor   How to easily get ALL THE MONEY you need everytime distressed homes for sale   Where to find the best properties to buy! rehab flipping properties books   Which properties to avoid! and How to inspect the properties wholesaling and retailing homes guides tools   The 13 Potential Monster Problems marketing rehab homes learn how   How to market your properties so they sell like hot cakes
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How to wholesale houses for quick profits! Workshop Jam Packed with Information On 5 CD’s! LISTEN IN ON ONE OF GLEN’S RARE LIVE WORKSHOPS! Package includes: real estate wholesale
profitable properties learn how   How to evaluate a profitable, How to find profitable properties money making home offers learn how   How to construct money-making offers selling a house learn how   How to determine the selling price of every house use real estate agent learn how   How to use real estate agents to find deals find money lenders learn how   How to find all the money lenders and buyers
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This 5 volume BONUS SET features a Quick Getting Started all-inclusive abundance of valuable material. The set includes: buy foreclosure home
financing real estate investment learn how   Real Estate Financing Made Easy (42 Pages) private lender list learn how   19 QandA Private Lenders are most likely to ask! (9 Pages) foreclosure profits learn how   How to Buy Foreclosures for Huge Profits! (152 Pages) private lending banks learn how   Private Lending Power Point Presentation (52 Slides) wholesaling home learn how   Get Started Wholesaling Houses for Huge Profits! (42 Pages)
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The Renovate New Jersey Affiliate Program systematically trains you to become a highly profitable wholesale or referral affiliate, turn-key investor and private lender by effectively locating, renovating and financing distressed properties in New Jersey. After being properly trained you will possess all the necessary skills to make big profits from each and every deal you locate, renovate or finance. locate distressed homes
locate distress home learn how   Day 1 – Wholesaling Houses – Volume 1 renovate distress home learn how   Day 2 – Wholesaling Houses – Volume 2 buy distress home learn how   Day 3 – How to Buy Foreclosures for Huge Profits – Volume 1 finance distress home learn how   Day 4 – How to Buy Foreclosures for Huge Profits – Volume 2 sell distress home learn how   Day 5 – Quick Summary Guides and Reports
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The ASI course comes with seven CD’s and a 232-page manual bursting with information and 4 BONUS Guides. The ASI course comes packed with seven CD’s and two manuals loaded with detailed information. This course is a step by step guide that’s going to show you – in exacting detail – how to find the right property in the right condition in the right location. Then how to purchase it – even if you have no money or no credit! Then how to fix it up using the cost and estimate guide to zero in on the renovation costs. And how to sell it at a minimum profit of $25,000 each transaction. But in actuality, profits of thirty, forty or fifty thousand dollars are the more common ones. This is the blueprint of a seasoned investor that has helped thousands of investors get started and stay profitable. retail home learn how
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The ASI course comes packed with six CD’s and a 155-page manual bursting with information and 5 BONUS Guides. These cover all the basics mentioned, plus a host of other information. My course will show you how to start slowly – by assigning contracts to others. This is called “wholesaling” or “flipping the property.” You do the groundwork and let someone else do the actual renovations and selling. You can expect to make between $5,000 and $ 7,000 a transaction – just by finding the property! No up front costs on your part. No renovations. No hassles. Typically the turn around time is two to three weeks. Not a bad payday for part time work – don’t you think? wholesale home learn how
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About the Author
glen gallucci peak properties
Glen Gallucci actively buys, rehabs and sells residential properties. He has invested, renovated and built numerous residential and commercial projects during his 30-year career. A well diversified businessman; Glen is also engaged in real estate education. From the trenches, and with his down to earth “tell it like it is” format, his business experience proves invaluable for the beginner as well as the seasoned investor regarding the successful structure of a wholesale or rehabbing business. Glen serves as Board Member and Host of the Tri State Mixer Networking Association in New Jersey and New York, Advisor to the Greater Westchester Real Estate Investors Associaton in NY and the Past President and Board Member of the Garden State Real Estate Investment Association in New Jersey.
Peter R. Hemingway; Westchester, NY
Although I am only in my first year of Real Estate Investing in the North East, I have gained so much knowledge & confidence from Glen Gallucci. I feel that I can now handle any Real Estate Transaction that comes my way, no matter how difficult or complex the deal may be. Through Glen’s own experiences in Real Estate Investing, he has the ability to transmit real life examples, relating to all facets of rehabbing & investing, which enables you to learn the trade much quicker.The rehab bus tour he organized was incredible, he provided us with so much information on how to rehab 3 sample houses, room by room, in great detail. The forms he gave out along with the tour, with information on the “13 Potential Monster Problems”, Inspection & Cost Estimate Guides, Offer Worksheets, Contractors Pay Summaries, Contracts & Appraisal Guides were invaluable and I have used them many times over. As a speaker & presenter at the regular investment meetings I have attended, he has that uncanny ability to break down the field of rehabbing & wholesaling in such a way as to make it enjoyable, extremely interesting and easy to follow. I would recommend him highly to anyone seeking to proceed in the right direction in the field of Real Estate Investing.
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Greg Panayoti from Elmwood Park, NJ
I’ve gotten my share of RE courses, and they’ve been very valuable to me throughout my investing career. Glen Gallucci’s course “A Seasoned Investor’s Guide on How to Buy, Fix & Flip Distressed Houses” is definitely one of my favorites.This course contains detailed REAL WORLD examples of how to find properties, get the money to pay for them and get them rehabbed the RIGHT way. It’s obvious that the author is coming from many years as both a contractor AND an investor. To be able to learn how it’s really supposed to be done from someone with Glen’s experience is invaluable. This course is a MUST HAVE for anyone serious about this business.
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Bruce Baker, Appraiser Westfield, NJ
If you can only listen to one real estate guru – make it Glen Gallucci. You will learn more invaluable information in 5 minutes from Glen than you will in 5 hours from anyone else.He’s done it all – wholesaling, rehabbing, financing, joint-venturing – and he shares his vast reservoir of experience, including mistakes to avoid, in the most tell-it-like-it-is presentation you will ever hear.
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Bonnie Ladds from Fort Lee, NJ
Just wanted to thank you for your leadership. Your expertise and experience are so useful to me as a beginner. Your experience also allows me to feel optimistic about this field as having real possibilities.
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Michael & Marcia O’Connor, Secaucus, NJ
Glen’s bus tour, sub-group, and advice (mentoring) has been a great help to us in identifying potential deals or potential monsters! Glen brings a mixture of humor and seriousness to the sub-group, which is a benefit to all, and is very informative.He always stresses that a property’s “monster problems” are not to be taken lightly. His expertise and honesty are greatly appreciated.
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Yolanda Judge from Jersey City, NJ
I just wanted to drop you a note congratulating you on your new coaching program that you mentioned at the meeting last night. Although we didn’t get a chance to go over your “fear factor sheet”, the meeting was really great. The sample deal sheet really hit home for me. I do feel more comfortable dealing with the numbers now that I have the sheet.
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Philip Wang from Jersey City, NJ
Your Website really is Awesome! the programs that you offer are the best that I’ ve seen. They really are, I’ ve spent over $5,000 dollars in real estate programs, training, computer software programs all for real estate investing. And still haven’t purchase a property yet! Reason being was not having money for down payment and closing cost. Your programs offers the beginner Investors and others, a real opportunity to achieve their goals in Real Estate with programs such as Joint Venture, Wholesale/Retail programs and others.
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