Affiliate Program –

Affiliate Program –
You’ve made the right decision by starting your journey to become a member of the Affiliate Program. This program will systematically train you to become a highly profitable wholesale or referral affiliate, turn-key investor and private lender by effectively locating, renovating and financing distressed properties in New Jersey. After being properly trained you will possess all the necessary skills to make big profits from each and every deal you locate, renovate or finance!
To effectively take advantage of all the essential material that is part of the Affiliate Program, we have split it up into 5 intensive days. Don’t worry, by the 6th day, you will have been supplied with the knowledge and resources to start immediately.

Once you complete your purchase, if you haven’t done so already, you will be supplied the with e-books and guides that will be covered each day. So let’s get started!

What type of property do I locate as a Renovate New Jersey Affiliate?
Primarily one and two family residential properties that require complete renovation and or cosmetic repairs. Peak Properties’s Renovate New Jersey Program shows you how to significantly profit from distressed residential real estate by negotiating a deeply discounted purchase price.

After locating a good deal, how do I profit from it?
There are three ways you can significantly profit from locating good investment opportunities. Once you have located a good deal, you along with your Advisory Team will determine which of the following options will maximize your profit potential.

  • You can enjoy immediate cash profits by assigning your good deal to Peak Properties, LLC or one of our “all cash” investors for an agreed upon amount or typically 3-5% of the purchase price.
  • You can joint venture your deal with Peak Properties, LLC, by purchasing with your funds and our financing if necessary and Peak Properties would get a percentage of profits after property is sold.
  • You can maximize your profit potential by purchasing, renovating and selling the property on your own using Peak Properties renovating and funding source and keep 100% of the profits. Remember…As a Renovate New Jersey Affiliate, your Advisory Team is extremely dedicated to helping you maximize your profit potential on each and every good deal you locate!

What is the Renovate Advisory Team?
The team consists of Acquisition advisors who will review and verify all deal qualifying information you submit and determine the realistic profit potential of the property.

What is my role as an Affiliate?
To locate profitable investment opportunities according to the Renovate New Jersey and Peak Properties, LLC well defined purchase guidelines. After you locate a property, you must provide your advisory team with clear and accurate information about the property so that an informed decision can be made on how to best maximize the profit potential.

What kind of on-going support and material do I receive as an Affiliate?
You receive everything needed t become a financially successful property locator:

  • Access to Peak Properties administrative and analysis support and financial resources that will pay cash for the acceptable deals you locate.
  • Unlimited consulting from an experienced team of real estate professionals, whose extensive experience will help cut many years of you learning curve.
  • A large step-by-step Training Manual showing you how to systematically locate good deals.
  • Peak Properties customized Forms and Contracts specifically designed to qualify the profit potential of each deal you locate.

Is a Real Estate License required to become an Affiliate?
NO. However, licensed agents may benefit from their real estate experience as well as learning how to effectively present deals to Peak Property and receive DOUBLE COMMSISIONS!

How much money can an Affiliate realistically expect to earn?
Although every Affiliate aspires to a different level of achievement based on their experience and motivation, it is not uncommon for a committed and trained Affiliate to earn $3,000, $5,000 or $10,000 per month per accepted deal.

Can I be effective and profitable conducting my activities on a part-time basis?
Most definitely! Peak Properties turn-key acquisition techniques are specifically designed to maximize our ability to earn quick cash profits working part time. Many Affiliates keep a full-time job while pursuing their long-term financial objectives as to a real estate investor. You can too!

Can I become a successful Affiliate if I have limited experience?
YES without question! Even if you are a newcomer to the field of real estate, Peak Properties proven techniques, strategies, and guidance will show you how to become successful, even if you have never done it before.

As an experienced investor, how can I benefit from becoming an Affiliate?
Your knowledge and experience enables you to implement Peak Properties innovative concepts and techniques more effectively, resulting in finding better qualified deals. Taking advantage of Peak Properties proven strategies and “all cash” funding sources will definitely make you more successful.

Do I incur any financial obligations when Peak Properties, LLC or it’s turnkey investors purchase my accepted deals?
NO! You are never required to use any of your own money on an approved assignment of contract or deal. This includes property acquisition and resale costs, renovation expenses, appraisal costs, legal fees, etc.

Do I need any money or good credit to become an Affiliate?
You do not need to have or invest any capital when presenting deals to Peak Properties. Your credit is not a factor as well. Any money spent by affiliates will be in the form of marketing for their business.

What does Peak Properties, LLC expect from an Affiliate?
COMMITMENT! Full time or Part time is fine as long as you are serious about learning how to effectively locate, analyze and present qualified deals for huge assignment fees to you! Serious people join our program. The small investment in yourself can bring a serious and continued cash income to you on a regular monthly basis forever. The training is invaluable as it comes from our team of professional real estate investors.

How do I get started as a Peak Properties Affiliate in the Renovate New Jersey Program?
Click on the link above or Call us and ask to speak with an Acquisition Advisor. Your advisor will answer any additional questions about the program and assist you on how to get started in your new venture.